My Top Running Tips for Anyone Getting Started for the First Time

My Top Running Tips for Anyone Getting Started for the First Time

I’ve come up with a list of my top running tips to share with you this year. I felt I had to do it because this was such a great year for it. Sure, there are still months to go, but I feel like the majority of the running season has already been enjoyed.

I’ve been thinking up this list of top running tips since I started getting out there again instead of keeping to my treadmill the majority of the time. During the hot weather, I was out there first thing in the morning before the temperature really had the chance to climb. What a great way to start the day! So here they are.

Top Running Tips 1: Check the Weather

Before you roll your eyes, know that just looking out the window isn’t enough to know what will happen while you’re out there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left when the weather seemed beautiful, only to reach the halfway point and hear thunder rumbling. Then, the last quarter of my run is through a torrential downpour!

Top Running Tips 2: Don’t Obsess Over Numbers

I have a fitness tracker, and I use it. I watch my steps, speed, heart rate, distance – the whole shebang. That said, I use that to track my progress over time, not each individual performance. There are days when I perform great and others when I’m not at my best. There are a lot of reasons for these different levels in performance, but I don’t let them hurt my confidence. Instead, I just make sure I’m putting in the same effort every day, regardless of the results. Then, I use my tracking data to tell me how I did as a whole throughout the week/month/season.

Top Running Tips 3: Eat Right!

Half of my running results are from training. The other half are from what I eat and drink. I pay close attention to my strategy for fueling my body. I use my tracking data and just the way my body feels as a whole. That way, I know what works for my body. I know what leaves me feeling pumped and energized, what leaves me hungry or what bogs me down. As I find something new that works for me, I stick with it.

Top Running Tips 4: Embrace the Challenge

Running is hard! Sometimes, it’s very hard. Get to know how to enjoy the challenge. Learn how to motivate yourself to keep going. Make a process of taking care of yourself after a run with the right muscle therapies. Use a foam roller. Eat a post-workout snack. Love the process of reaching your best level every time and gradually get better. Don’t expect it to be easy. Where’s the reward in that? Instead, love the fact that it’s hard and keep going anyway!

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