Body Image Videos That Will Touch Your Heart and Help You Realize You’re Enough!

Body Image Videos That Will Touch Your Heart and Help You Realize You’re Enough!

Before you decide on your next diet or that you can’t stand the way you look when you look in the mirror, you might want to check out some inspiring body image videos. They might not change the way you look, but they could change the way you look at yourself.

If you need some suggestions, there have been four inspiring body image videos that have gone viral for all the right reasons. It is very easy to be swept up by the thought of a perfect body shape or type. When we don’t fit into that category – and, in truth, none of us do – it can be difficult to like ourselves. This can make us want to do things in order to change the way we look in the hopes of conforming with that “perfect” appearance.

Before you start your next diet, check out these inspiring body image videos. That way, you’ll know that you’re dieting and exercising because you love yourself and want to improve your health. You’re doing it out of appreciation for who you are as a unique and beautiful person. You’re doing it because you honor your body and want to keep it as healthy as you can.

· The Mrs. Band – Magic Mirror #imenough – the video uses an augmented reality touchscreen mirror to help women to reveal how they feel when they see their image. From there, the mirror coached and inspired the women. With a bit of perspective, it became easier for them to love who they are and how they look. They were encouraged to embrace their uniqueness and understand exactly what makes them great. Their greatness went far beyond what they could visually see in a mirror.

· Genny Zuniga’s Teen Body Image video – created by a high school student, Genny describes how “easy it is to become someone who sees themselves as worthless,” and that “body image is hard.” She discusses how important it is to find support and to know that you are beautiful, loved and important.

· #IAmBeYOUtiful – Build a Positive Body Image & Social Media Influence – this video is designed in honor of International Women’s Day and was created as a kind of lecture to remind women that they are each beautiful and that they are enough. This video provides a step by step path toward embracing this mindset so that it may be easier to take the message in and live it.

· Body Confidence Hacks – This video by Melanie Murphy and Hannah Witton from the Icon UK YouTube channel is focused specifically on building body confidence. This video includes a range of day to day strategies and techniques that can help to reinforce a more positive image of yourself in your own mind so that you can live with greater confidence.

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