You Don’t Need a Lot of Time for a Fast Ab Routine

You Don’t Need a Lot of Time for a Fast Ab Routine

Toning a lumpy belly or flatting out the ab area muscles is something that most of us want, but very few of us have the time to accomplish – that is, until you learn the fast ab routine that will give your abs the workout that they need.  This will give you the chance to enjoy the benefits of the maximum impact of exercise, without having to spend an excessive amount of time on your regular workouts.

Use a Fast Ab Routine to Pursue Your Goals

Fortunately, this can be accomplished, and you can sculpt your ab area quickly by simply performing this fast ab routine three times per week, with at least one day of rest between days that it is practiced. All you will need is a stability ball.

Do each of the following moves either on the same day that you will undertake a workout for your entire body or use it as a standalone workout for your middle. Between each set of moves, make sure to give yourself 30 to 60 seconds of rest in order to ensure that they are at their most effective.

Fast Ab Routine Exercises

  • Crunch Upgrade – Lie on your back on a stability ball so that your shoulder blades, back, and hips are all on the ball. Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and shoulder width apart, with your feet flat on the floor. Lift your arms over your head. From that position, draw in your lower abdomen as though you were pulling your abs toward your spine. Slowly raise your arms up above your shoulders as you rise up off the ball to the point that your shoulder blades aren’t touching it anymore. Hold that position for three seconds and return to the starting position. Do a full set of 15 reps, three times.
  • Crunch and Twist –Take the same starting position as you did when you were practicing the Crunch Upgrade, except for the position of your arms. Place your left hand behind your head and touch the fingers of your right hand on the floor for a bit of balance. Raise your right foot off the floor, flex your foot, and extend your leg. Crunch your body upward, bringing your left shoulder in the direction of your right knee as you straighten your left leg with your foot still on the floor in order to hold your balance. Return to the starting position. That was one rep. Complete 15 reps, switching sides, and repeat the full set three times in total.
  • Abdominal Hold – This is an odd-looking move, but it’s also a powerful one as a part of a fast ab routine. This will not only tone your muscles but help you to build core strength, too. To do this move, sit with good posture on the edge of a solid chair. Place your hands on the side edges of the chair so that your fingers are pointed forward toward your knees. Activate your core to stabilize yourself as you lift your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor.  Then, lift yourself right off the chair with your arms so you’re hovering above it. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Side Crunch – This move sounds like an easy fast ab routine, but it is deceptively challenging. It is fantastic for strength and balance while giving some attention to your oblique muscles. To do this move, kneel down on the floor and twist your middle sideways, placing your right palm on the floor. You should keep your weight well balanced between your knees and your arm, with your gaze parallel to the floor. Once you’ve achieved this position, extend your left leg and point your toes.  Bend your arm and place your left hand behind your head. Your elbow should be pointing straight up. Once you’ve achieved that position, raise your leg to hip height and extend your arm, palm facing forward, so that it is just above your leg.  Turn your gaze out over your hand while you turn your left rib cage in the direction of your hip.  Return to the starting position and repeat the entire combination 6 to 8 times before switching sides.

Switch it Up and Remember to Rest

As much as you may want to pour yourself into doing these moves every day in the hopes of getting the fastest results, keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the best technique.  Once you’ve done a great series of exercises, even if it is a fast ab routine, it’s important to give your muscles the time they need to recover.  Therefore, you shouldn’t do several ab days consecutively.

Instead, alternate your workouts so that you do your fast ab workout on some days, but that you do some leg, arm, chest, or cardio days in between.  It feels counter-intuitive to get better results when you choose not to work out as much but remember that your body isn’t the same as a machine.  It needs to rest and recover to get stronger and improve without placing yourself at risk of injury.  Similarly, on the days that you do exercise your core, try not to do the exact same exercises each time.  Switch them up because they will work your muscles – and the rest of your body – in different ways, for a more complete outcome.

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